What is EventADAPTER?

EventADAPTER is a neatly packaged Event Log receive adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server. It allows you to configure receive locations that receive events from any event log on any computer on your network and submit them to BizTalk as an XML message. The XML messages submitted look like the standard XML you see in Event Viewer’s Details > XML View.

EventADAPTER’s functionality allows you to build powerful automated BizTalk applications that respond to events in your network in real time.

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EventADAPTER for BizTalk 2020 is FREE!

Use it to learn about BizTalk and to make your integrations Event Log aware.

What does it do? The adapter pulls a message into your receive location whenever a certain Event Log entry happens in your on-premises environment.

Equate IT Consulting is grateful to be able to donate this adapter to the BizTalk community funded by the success of ActiveADAPTER