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EventADAPTER keeps track of what’s new and old in the event log, doesn’t it?

Yes. EventADAPTER only returns new messages that have appeared since the last message interval.

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Are there filtering options if I don’t want all new messages from an event log?

Yes. You can use a Simple Filter which gives you a powerful set of basic filtering options. Or you can create your own XPath filter to get unlimited granularity and control.

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Can I schedule my own event log query instead of using the adapter logic?

Yes. Just create your own Custom XML View in Event Viewer. EventADAPTER allows you to paste in your own query and return the results at each message interval.

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Is there a feature to allow me to catch up on new events even if the receive location is offline?

Yes. EventADAPTER has a persist feature that saves the adapter state to a file when a receive location is shutdown. When the receive location is restarted the adapter will catch up and submit any new events that happened while it

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In what XML format are new events returned?

Any new events are placed inside an envelope with the root element <Events>. You can configure the namespace for this envelope via the adapter configuration. Each event within the <Events> envelope conforms to Microsoft’s events.xsd schema (from the Windows SDK).

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What error reporting does EventADAPTER do?

If EventADAPTER has a problem connecting to an event log it will throw an ApplicationException containing the error to the local Application event log. A feature of the adapter is the ability to control how many errors are written to

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What versions of BizTalk are supported?

BizTalk Server 2006R2, 2009 and 2010. We anticipate adding BizTalk 2013 soon after its official release.

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Do you supply the schemas I will need?

The schemas you will need come from the Windows SDK supplied by Microsoft. For your convenience we install a copy of them to your local drive as part of the EventADAPTER installation package. The schemas are: event.xsd (the schema for

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EventADAPTER for BizTalk 2020 is FREE!

Use it to learn about BizTalk and to make your integrations Event Log aware.

What does it do? The adapter pulls a message into your receive location whenever a certain Event Log entry happens in your on-premises environment.

Equate IT Consulting is grateful to be able to donate this adapter to the BizTalk community funded by the success of ActiveADAPTER