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What is the cost of support?

Each license comes with six months free product support. After that you can choose to pay $995 per year for continuing support, or pay-if-you-need-it at remote consulting rates (currently AUD 150/hr).

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We are interested in purchasing EventADAPTER for use by government or government contractors. What are the export conditions for EventADAPTER?

EventADAPTER was developed by Equate IT, a proprietary limited company registered in Australia. All developers and consultants have Australian or US citizenship. If you need to meet special conditions, please get in touch through our Contact page.

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What licenses are available?

Two licenses are available: Standard Рentitles you to use EventADAPTER in up to five (5) BizTalk applications on one (1) installation of Microsoft BizTalk Server Standard within the licensed organisation. Enterprise Рentitles you to use EventADAPTER in unlimited BizTalk

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Is licensing a one-time cost?

Yes. The price you pay for EventADAPTER is for use for unlimited time into the future. It is not an annual fee.

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EventADAPTER for BizTalk 2020 is FREE!

Use it to learn about BizTalk and to make your integrations Event Log aware.

What does it do? The adapter pulls a message into your receive location whenever a certain Event Log entry happens in your on-premises environment.

Equate IT Consulting is grateful to be able to donate this adapter to the BizTalk community funded by the success of ActiveADAPTER